EF-12: Creator's Edition

EF-12: Creator's Edition
EF-12: Creator's Edition
EF-12: Creator's Edition
EF-12: Creator's Edition
EF-12: Creator's Edition
EF-12: Creator's Edition
EF-12: Creator's Edition
EF-12: Creator's Edition
EF-12: Creator's Edition
EF-12: Creator's Edition
EF-12: Creator's Edition
EF-12: Creator's Edition
EF-12: Creator's Edition
EF-12: Creator's Edition
EF-12: Creator's Edition
EF-12: Creator's Edition

Price: (or more, pay what you want!)(Minimum price is: $1.00)

EF-12 is a fully modifiable 3D fighting game engine that allows players to create characters, stages and AI easily.

EF-12: Creator's Edition
The Creator's Edition of EF-12 includes both the EF-12 game as well as all the tutorial documentation to make your own content.
Pay What You Want, starting at $1.00

v1.75 Now available: Character modification has been added to EF-12 Creator's Edition

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EF-12 is a playable 3D fighting game right from the moment you install it. Developed by Quad Arrow and designed by industry veteran Masahiro Onoguchi, EF-12 is the ultimate convergence of 3D fighting and game modification.

Built on a rock solid animation engine by one of the industry's best fighting game model animators, EF-12 is the perfect canvas to build your dream game, or the perfect fighting game tournament.

La-Mulana's Lemeza Kosugi Enters The Ring!

Lemeza Kosugi

EF-12 Lemeza Kosugi

Download Now

In cooperation with the LA-MULANA 2 KickStarter Project Quad Arrow has created an official, full-featured, TK-type Lemeza Kosugi character for EF-12! Download it for free and take him into the ring!

Character Modification (New to v1.70)

Dying to personalize your character? EF-12 now includes a robust character modification mode. Using pre-created parts, you can modify any existing character in EF-12 and turn them into your own personal creation.

Turn ninjas into demons, warriors into angels, or anything in-between.  

Building a Better Fighting Game


Every element of EF-12 is modifiable, replacable, and easily installed. Whether you're a complete newbie to the modding scene, or a grizzled veteran, EF-12 has everything you need to make what you want.

The Modding Veteran:

Those seasoned in model creation and animation can simply create assets in what ever program they're most comfortable with, easily check the requirements within the manual interface, and import their creations directly into the game with minimal fuss!

The Novice Modder:

For those still learning, EF-12 comes with a full suite of tutorials that can teach players how to create their own content for the game, no matter their skill level. Get ready, because school is in session!

The Player:

No interest in creating your own characters or stages, but still want to see what EF-12 has to offer? Importing other people's creations is as easy as placing the files in the right folder, and starting EF-12. No complicated installation or  programming knowledge is required to get EF-12 content running!




Immediate Results

Want to make the ultimate fighting machine? Creating AI in EF-12 is as easy as editing a spreadsheet. In fact, it is exactly like editing a spreadsheet. Edit AI spreadsheets on the fly, save the file, and immediately see your results in-game.

Want to see if your character is ready for primetime without loading up EF-12? Use the included Fool Viewer to see exactly how your character will appear in-game, complete with animation and applied graphical effects.

With EF-12, the only guess work is knowing what move your opponent will use next!


Pay What You Want

EF-12 is yours at a price of your choosing, starting at just $1.00. Not sure EF-12 is for you? Download the game for FREE and try it out. If you like it, you can then return to the Playism site and pay what you want!

Creator's Voice

The reason I started this project, over 10 years ago now, was a meeting I had with Hiroshi Inukai, an e-sports director.
He was working hard to promote the enjoyment of video games in an e-sports setting, which wasn't done so much back then, from the position of a producer. Seeing that, I thought "Well, I best make some content specifically for e-sports!"
In the last 10 years I've scrapped the project twice. It wasn't until my third attempt that I created what is now known as EF-12.
Video games are, in comparison to other mediums, not held in very high regard by society. A player who took home a prestigious prize from a large e-sports event is unlikely to receive any sort of attention from society at large.
I think the fact many think of video games merely as time-wasters, or nothing more than a tool for companies to make money is a major reason for this.
Shogi, or Japanese chess, started out in much the same way - as nothing more than a simple game. However, its pioneers worked hard to promote it, and now players are respected in society.
I believe for video games to achieve a similar level of respect, there are two important things:

  1. We must move away from the business-oriented concept of "If it won't sell, we won't make it"
  2. The game must be able to be quickly fine-tuned and balanced by users to maintain it's competitive element.

EF-12 was developed with rule 1 as it's primary goal. I believe rule 2 has also been achieved. 
I am very much looking forward to the day when users can join me in keeping both of these rules alive. Until then, I will keep working on EF-12 by myself.

Minimum system requirements

WindowsOS: Windows XP/7
CPU: Core2DUO or better
Graphics Card: GeForce GT620M/equivalent card or better
Gamepad recommended

User reviews


posted on 2015-05-24

06:44:34 by MatthewLeeCarpenter

Finally!!! A fight engine we can customize.

EF-12 is a highly mod-able and customize-able 3D fighting game engine created by one of the our industry legends. Embrace the power, and realize your own fighting system.

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posted on 2015-11-14

00:37:02 by exorio

Haven't tried developing anything yet

And I just playtesting the included game demo, and it seems this is a more than decent fighting game engine.

Feels almost like Tekken series.

However, it has a VERY minor compatibility issue with the Windows 7 aero, which Windows automatically disable it to basic in order to run the game. I assume proper Windows 7 + games don't do this.

But everything else run just fine. I'm just worrying how it will do on Windows 8 or 10.

This should be an easy fix on the next update, and you can actually download and test the "demo" (which is actually the whole game) before you buy.

For a dollar, you can't go wrong with this. So yeah, take my monnay anyway! Worth it!

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