MechaRitz: Steel Rondo

MechaRitz: Steel Rondo
MechaRitz: Steel Rondo
MechaRitz: Steel Rondo
MechaRitz: Steel Rondo
MechaRitz: Steel Rondo
MechaRitz: Steel Rondo
MechaRitz: Steel Rondo
MechaRitz: Steel Rondo
MechaRitz: Steel Rondo
MechaRitz: Steel Rondo
MechaRitz: Steel Rondo
MechaRitz: Steel Rondo
MechaRitz: Steel Rondo
MechaRitz: Steel Rondo
MechaRitz: Steel Rondo
MechaRitz: Steel Rondo

Price: $6.99

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MechaRitz: Steel Rondo OST $4.99
Total 36 tracks based on FM-synthesizer. Check out the track name as well!

The journey of a lone Mecha through the desolate retro stylized world to reach Veloce, the young genius responsible for the extinction of humankind.

Set in a mechanized world, the story begins with a world-renowned young scientist named Veloce. One day she invented "Mecha" and eradicated humankind with her creation, recreating a metallic world filled with Mechas. Pilot humanity's last hope, a Mecha imbued with human will, through the onslaught of enemy waves. Yet as the tides of battles turn and the world reveals itself, perhaps there's more than what meets the eye.
With an FM Synth soundtrack and a distinctive visual design, Mecha Ritz: Steel Rondo combines retro aesthetics with modern sensibilities. Along with the simple controls, handcrafted stages and exciting unlockables, you will find yourself coming back for more.


  • Classic Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up - Frantic fast-paced shooter action.
  • Dynamic Rank System - Self-adjusts to ease in new players or challenge veterans.
  • A Colourful Retro World - Stylised visuals mixing vector graphics and pixel art.
  • Apocalyptic Mechanized Setting - A story of destructive genius and human will.
  • Deep Satisfying Combat - 15 handcrafted stages with 40 unique bosses.
  • Exciting Unlockables - 12 playable Mechas, branching paths, multiple endings, and more.
  • FM Synthesizer-based Soundtrack - 36 original tracks to accompany your journey.

I highly recommend browsing the ReadMe file before playing. It can be found in the same directory as the game exe.
Everything is written in the ReadMe file, but just in case, basic system of this game is, as shown in the About Game section, there are numerous unlockables by playing many times.
Try using all the Mechas and find your favorite one.

When you defeat the item carrier, make sure to shoot them in a close distance to get better items.
You can negate the damage if you successfully press Bomb button right after you get hit, but its timing is hard...
Other than useful information, as bits of knowledge, the names of each enemy Mecha are taken from Japanese Cafe place (Starbucks, Komeda Coffee, Hoshino Coffee, etc..) or drink/dessert menu. 

Hello, I'm HEY, the developer of Mecha Ritz: Steel Rondo.
I'm so happy to see my game released worldwide!
Thanks so much to everyone who supported me.

For this game, I made everything: graphics, music, text and programming.
I'd like to explain what I was thinking while I was working on this game.

"Conveying the fun of shooting games" was my basic goal in creating this game.
I've been wondering for a long time how to design a shooting for all types of gamers.
One thing I came up with was the variable rank system for this game, designed to provide "fun" based on player technique.
Not only that, I tried my best to include anything that I thought people would find moving.

Shooting games are very simple in that it all comes down to "aim and shoot". Very easy to understand.
Following on from a long tradition of shooting games, I hope that players will feel the thrill of my brand new game.
Also, from a developer stand point, I believe there remain limitless possibilities in expression for shooting games.

Please give it a try even if you've never played shooting games, or don't consider them your forte.

I really hope I can contribute to the market value of shooting games.
Also hoping to see a colourful array of new shooting games in the market.
Of course I will keep creating shooting games with the same devotion as always.
You won't regret playing my game! Please stay tuned on my artwork.

Minimum system requirements

WindowsOS: Windows XP
Processor: Core2Duo
Memory: 1GB RAM
Graphics: Any 3D capable Card
DirectX: Version 9.0c

User reviews


posted on 2016-06-22

16:08:14 by FelixLeroux

Do not miss this game!

Mecha Ritz is like a perfect fusion of Recca (Famicom) and Battle Garegga. And true gem no shmup enthusiast should miss. The controls are robust and precise, the soundtrack is a killer with its FM synths, it really is a formidable package.

The rank system is great: the difficulty adjusts itself as you are playing the game. Both newbies and pros should have a run for their money here. As far as indie shmups go, this sits right among the top with Crimzon Clover.

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