Gocco of War

Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War
Gocco of War

Price: $19.99

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Gocco of War: Theme Song $1.99
"GOCCO OF WAR" Theme song by Azuki Chiemi. (STEAM key included)

Gocco of War is an indie light action/shooter that 1-4 players can enjoy.

Playism offers only STEAM keys. You need to have STEAM client to play this game.


2015 Nov. 18th: Bug fix (Please see STEAM community update for the detail)

-The save data corrupts upon the game update for users who have already purchased/played the game as of November 18, 20:00 JST

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This is "Gocco Studio Japan", an attraction where the children of 100 years from now gather!

Progress through the game by beating quests as you play imaginary war, sword fighting and heroic adventuring. Environments and enemy variations are adapted to each quest.

Want a change of clothes? Collect materials on a quest and combine them to make new costumes, upgrade your weapons and apply elemental properties for future quests.

If you are awarded with a badge, stick it on for an extra status boost!

Let's impress everyone by getting stylish and super strong!

The P2P online lobby can hold over 30 people, with communication via text chat and avatar gestures!

Let's make new friends who will come and fight with us.

Experience again those nostalgic moments from your childhood...


  • Go to war in the guise of an adorable avatar
  • Addictive shooting gameplay with easy controls
  • Playable with keyboard + mouse controls
  • Over 350 costumes (assembled from material items)
  • 13 weapon categories, weapons can be upgraded
  • Over 300 character and monster variations
  • Complete quests to progress (all available in single/multiplayer)
  • Up to 32 people can gather in the P2P online lobby
  • Team up and take on quests with 4 players
  • Over 1600 badges awarded at quest completion (randomly selected)
  • 44 achievements / 8 trading cards
  • Free chat worldwide (100 set phrase are also available
  • 40 gestures for communication


Gocco of War Greeting Motion

Open the communication menu to choose a greeting. You can interact with other players using gestures!Share your feelings easily using set phrases. Press "Enter" for text chat with lobby members.

Material Items

Gocco of War Material Box

You’ll come across Material Items while defeating monsters and exploring the field. If you finish a quest you can take Material Items you gathered back to the lobby in your quest pouch. At the Synthesis Shop, move your items into the material box to be used for creating and enhancing items!


Gocco of War Costume

Different items can be created based on the rules of synthesis. With the right combination, you can make your own costumes and weapons!You can select from your obtained costumes at the personal menu. There might be some hints in the Synthesis Shop recipe book...


Gocco of War Badge

After finishing a quest, you could be awarded several badges selected at random. (sometimes none are awarded) Badges with a high rank will raise your abilities while equipped. To equip a badge, select it from the personal menu. The maximum number of badges you can equip depends on the costume you are wearing.


Gocco of War Weapon

Want more weapons? You can buy them at the shop. You can also enhance them with Material Items at the Synthesis Shop. As your enhance exp. increases, your weapons level up and become even more powerful. Enhancing with certain materials will give your weapon elemental properties such as fire! Elemental weapons will help you defeat monsters with ease.


Gocco of War Money

Changing the difficulty setting will change the frequency of money that can be found in a quest. Money is used for synthesizing, enhancing and buying items, so there’s no harm in picking it up!


Gocco of War Quest

For beginners, we recommend starting offline on easy mode. More difficulty settings can be unlocked, but the enemies will become stronger. If you get stuck, try enhancing your weapons, increasing badge status and recruiting team mates online. The difficulty setting will impact the frequency of Material Items and the chance of obtaining a high rank.


Shooting titles from abroad like FPS and TPS have incredibly tight systems and gorgeous visuals, at a level we cannot put out ourselves.

I thought we could at least make an indie action/shooting game suited to Japanese aesthetics.

  • A shooting game that can be fun without elements such as reloading/acquiring ammo.
  • Gameplay that is exhilarating, without using expressions of violence.
  • A camera perspective that make it easier to have a bond with your character.

Faced with many uncertainties, we took our chosen elements and through much repetition of trial and error, this game was born.

It's an indie game about children helping people, in a world 100 years from now where everyday life is much the same as it is now. The children live life to the fullest, and we hope being in contact with them will bring a smile to your face.

If we are able to inspire a sense of positivity and courage through this game, not only to adult gamers but also children from around the world, nothing would bring us any greater happiness.


DirectX11 compatibility is required as a minimal system requirement. It is also necessary to have DirectX11's X3DAudio1_7.dll installed before startup.

If an error occurs upon startup, please try installing DirectX end user runtime Web installer and try again.

Minimum system requirements

WindowsThis game is only available with STEAM client.

System Requirements (Minimal)    
OS Version:    Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10 (64-Bit / 32-Bit)
Processor:    Intel® Core™ i3-530 @ 2.93 GHz or Better
Memory:    4GB
Graphics:    NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 640 or Better
Network:    Broadband internet connection
DirectX Version:    11
Required disc space:    3GB
Sound Card:    DirectX®-compatible