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Bring the fruits of your creativity to the Japanese market

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What is Playism?

PLAYISM is a PC gaming platformused to distribute original and creative works from all over the world to Japan.

PLAYISM, part of Active Gaming Media Inc., focuses on the localization and distribution of video games. PLAYISM provides you – the developer - with the opportunity to transcend borders and release your own original works to Japan, as well as enhance your presence in the worldwide gaming market. Our website is currently the only digital platform in the world to provide such services to independent developers.


Bring the fruits of your creativity to the Japanese market.

PLAYISM provides a variety of different services to support your creationas it enters the Japanese market. All services are performed in-house, at our offices located in Japan. Please contact us with any questions you may have concerning our rates or services at:


The first thing we will need is an Excel file (or files) containing every piece text that you wish to have translated. These files will be translated by the Active Gaming Media localization team, who have already localized over 600 titles to date. Every game is translated by native speakers who will not only translate the game, but will also adapt the text specifically for a Japanese audience in order to ensure that users won’t be lost with regard to Western references and expressions with which they may not be familiar.


Once the localized text has been implemented into the game, our talented team of quality assurance specialists will rigorously test the game, searching for text overflows, bugs and native language flow, to make sure the release version of this new localization is of the quality that our developers expect of us.


PLAYISM will provide you with banners, trailers, and any game-related promotional materials you need. Each game has its own page featuring photos, videos, and text. Any text you have featured on our website will be proofread free of charge. Of course, when your game is released on our platform, PLAYISM will do its best to promote it via videos or campaigns to ensure high visibility among Japanese users. The promotion of your game doesn’t stop at the PLAYISM website - we have an expansive database of Japanese gaming news websites and blogs which will help to spread the word about your game.

Customer Support

PLAYISM Customer Support will provide all the support you’ll need – regardless of your customers' country. We handle any and all inquiries, requests, and claims from customers, no matter what language they speak.


Attach the PLAYISM brand to your game to further expand your market.
PLAYISM’s main mission is to bring wonderful games from all around the world to Japan.
PLAYISM also publishes games under its own brand on other digital distribution platforms, and expansion to the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Mobile is planned for the near future.
PLAYISM handles all necessary negotiations with such third parties while consulting and working closely with the developer in order to ensure that your game finds the largest audience possible.


Reaching more users than ever

We offer services and support needed to publish content to platforms other than PLAYISM. As a publisher, we also provide help with contracts and distribution, as well as post-release management support. (*We ask that developers handle necessary SDKs and other code related content themselves.) Together, we can expand the PLAYISM brand and introduce our products to a wider global audience!

Japanese Platforms

(Playstation Network, Playstation Mobile, Apple Store)

We provide service for publishing games under the PLAYISM brand. Using PLAYISM will allow developers who are unable to handle distribution, to reach a large audience. We also provide assistance with domestic promotion and contact with media.

English Platforms

(Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle, Gamersgate, Desura)

We can distribute your title on these platforms through the PLAYISM brand. Please contact us if you are interested in publishing to one of these platforms. Email:


Five Steps to Bring Your Game to Japan

Below is a flow chart which sums up the process involved in releasing a game on PLAYISM. PLAYISM can be flexible regarding certain points in order to
fit the creator’s specific needs.



Localization and Debugging

Distribution & Promotion Preparation



The PLAYISM team will look over your game and determine how best to approach marketing and localization for the title, as well as determine whether or not the game will be a good fit for the market you're interested in releasing in.


Next, we will work out the details of the contract. Pricing will be based on factors such as the volume of text and our previous experience with similar games. Specific terms and conditions can be negotiated for games which require more time and work for promotion and/or the localization of content. Service fees can be also collected in the form of a percentage of sales revenue.

Localization and Debugging

Your game is then given to our localization and quality assurance specialists, where the game is localized swiftly and accurately, while still retaining the tonal style and narrative subtleties your game possesses.

Distribution & Promotion Preparation

Once localization and debugging is complete, our marketing team will begin constructing a marketing plan that targets your desired audience while our release team constructs the store page.


The game is released and available for purchase. From here onwards, the PLAYISM team works with various contacts to make sure the game receives the proper exposure and its appropriate audience.

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Past Work

  • We worked closely with Amanita Design to localize and release Machinarium in the Japanese market on PLAYISM, and subsequently released Machinarium on JP PSN on both PlayStation 3 and Vita platforms.

  • We worked with NIGORO to publish La-Mulana on PC, and helped push the game through Steam Greenlight, making it the first Japanese indie game to release on the Steam platform.

  • PLAYISM assisted Papers, Please's developers to localize the game into Japanese, maintaining the text-heavy gameplay while catering to the unique Japanese audience.

  • Working with Japanese Indie developer Edelweiss, we were able to bring Astebreed to the English speaking audience on PLAYISM and Steam, where it earned wild acclaim and numerous awards.

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Contact Us

Please send us an e-mail with any questions you may have.

In order to release a game on PLAYISM, we will need to review the quality of your game.
If you are interested in releasing your game on our platform, please send the following information using contact form.
Due to the sheer volumes of submissions we receive on a daily basis, we cannot respond to every request we receive. Please be as thorough as possible when submitting your game for consideration.